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Banaras early 1970s. Photo credit: Lallu Yadav © Banaras Cultural Foundation \ Banaras Museum of Contempory Art collection


Banaras Cultural Foundation is registered with the government of India as a Not for Profit organisation to carry forward the following aims and objectives :


  1. To carry on the objects for Artistic and Cultural Dialogue and Heritage Preservation of the city of Banaras.

  2. To open up museums and cultural foundation documenting the visual history of Banaras along with a library and archive of all the writings on Banaras to depict the integrity of the city of Banaras.

  3. To archive written, published and unpublished works about Banaras and work with other organizations and individuals to endorse, sponsor, advance the above mentioned objects.

  4. To work towards creating awareness about the crafts of the city of Banaras

  5. To work towards improving the quality of life of the residents of the city of Banaras

  6. To put Banaras in the larger perspective of India and the world as a city for excellence in its multidimensional approach to life.

  7. To educate, enrich and share the arts by way of public shows, performances, seminar, displays and exhibits. And to do all such other lawful things as considered necessary for the furtherance of the above objects.


Banaras Cultural Foundation 

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Ajay Pandey


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Dr. Amandeep Gill


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Navneet Raman


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