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Exploring and preserving the history, culture and

true essence of Banaras.


Banaras Cultural Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation set up in 2015, with the aim of contributing to the greater Banaras region. Our work encompasses the built and living culture of Banaras, with a strong focus on engaging with Banarasis.

Our founders have worked for Banaras for over 20 years in areas as diverse as heritage, contemporary art, tree plantation, ecological healing, cuisine, and that indefinable magic called the Banaras way of life.

We draw our inspiration from one of Banaras’s preeminent citizens and lovers: the artist, scientist, planner, architect, metallurgist, linguist... the multi-faceted genius – James Prinsep. Prinsep spent 10 creative years in Banaras, next to the river he called "our Ganga'', during which the city and the man enriched each other. The year 2020 marks the 200th year of Prinsep’s arrival in Banaras and we would like to dedicate all our newly initiated projects to the memory of James Prinsep and the historic decade that he spent here.



Ajay Pandey is a co-founder of Banaras Cultural Foundation, a non for profit cultural organisation engaged in cultural exchange and education. He is a member of ICOMOS India. 


For the past 20 years he has been instrumental in providing research support to over 50 International PhD. and 100 international thesis papers on various subjects with special emphasis on the various aspects of the city of Banaras. He is also a life member of INTACH Varanasi Chapter.


He is on the board of Directors of the Banaras Museum of Contemporary Art as its Executive Director Research and Documentation.


Navneet Raman is a co-founder of Banaras Cultural Foundation. He is the founder of Kriti Gallery and Artist Residency. He has been the Convenor of INTACH Varanasi Chapter from 2006-2009. He is a member of ICOMOS India. Banaras Cultural Foundation has started the Banaras Museum of Contemporary Art and Navneet is a member of the Board of Directors as its Creative Director and Chairman.


Navneet has been supporting Indian Craftsman though his various initiatives to bring the crafts to the highest levels in museums worldwide. 


At Kriti Gallery he has been instrumental in showing art from around the world in the historic city of Varanasi. Kriti Gallery is supporting the Banaras Museum of Contemporary Art through its collection.



by Manju Sundaram



by Jaishankar Prasad





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The objective of the program is to help Teachers and Educators to develop micro
skills that enables them to effectively deal
with demands and challenges in various aspects of professional life.

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