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We have collaborated with Kriti Gallery and Artist Residency to create an archive of visual and written material on Banaras. Over the past 15 years Kriti Gallery has collected more than 5000 works of art by artist that have responded to the city of Banaras apart from historical photographs and paintings of the city. Currently it is all archived in a climate control space and we are raising funds for the building of the physical Museum in Banaras. Over 400 international artists have contributed to the collection. We currently collaborate with Kriti Gallery and are open for more collaborations to exhibit the collection till we have made a permanent space for the collection to be viewed.

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BMCA has been the vision of Navneet Raman for the last 15 years and over this period he has tirelessly worked in establishing a relationship with artists through Kriti Gallery and Residency platform to build a collection of contemporary art that would justify the city of Banaras. Over the span of 15 years this museum collection has archived works from acclaimed artists like Fazal Sheikh, Robert Polidori, Kenro Izu, Dayanita Singh, Robyn Beeche, David Gagnebin-de Bons, Terry Burrows, Jakob Jenser, Norman Smith, Einar Falur Ingolfsson, Beatrix Reihnhardt, Lambodar Nayak, Susan Aurinko, Raja Ram Sharma, Rewa Shankar Sharma  to name a few and young artists like Naga Bhima, Anil Chouhan, Rutva Gajjar, Raj Mehta, Tatiana Musi, Jessie LaFree, Narayan Prasad Bohaju, Sebastian Tickner and Louise Chappel, Teresa Gruber to name a few.

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