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Anandvan Residency is for artists, architects, writers, art historians, directors, actors, publishers, musicians and other creative professionals, from all over the world, regardless of race, gender, age and orientation, with open ideas and opinions, are invited and encouraged to share this garden space in Varanasi / Banaras.


Since our inception in 2006, over 200 artists from 26 countries have taken the opportunity to interact with the historic city of Varanasi and interact at various levels like holding talks, film screenings, workshops, exhibitions, publications, concerts, andmany more.

We have 4 studios with private bathroom and bedrooms. 1 writer’s studio which is a one room studio with a mezzanine floor and private bathroom. There is a common kitchen and service facility and lunch and dinner is provided for 6 days a week. On Sundays the residents make their own food or take this opportunity to explore the cuisine in the city.


We are situated in the city in a rare garden oasis that allows for the residents to have the physical and mental space to process the complex and vibrant city.

We have cultural interpreters who help in discovering the city and its labyrinth. The vast resources of crafts, spiritual and religious layers are unravelled with the assistance of the introductory walks and excursions we make into the city.


The residency is based on the calendar month and is open to more than one month application. We request the applicants to share about their art practice and their expectations from this residency. We do not want to be judgemental about the art practice rather want to ensure we will be able to meet the expectations of the artist from the residency.

"The professionalism of Kriti Gallery is quite impressive. It’s a class act. Kriti is unique in my experience of India. It is a world class venue for art and cultural exchange.
My studio time at Kriti was highly productive. I was in solitude when I wanted to be, other residents were available to chat and swap stories with."


Past Residents

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