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Dr. Amandeep Gill

+91-702 446 5199, +91-783 703 8600  ​ 

Dr Amandeep Gill is currently working as a Consultant Psychiatrist at NewLife Hospital, Varanasi. She completed her post graduation from Sri Aurobindo Medical college Indore, M.P in 2018. And went on to work in Goverment Medical College, Amritsar and later in District Hospital, Varanasi. This gave her the opportunity to help the clinical OPD, work on de-addiction and prison mental health.
Mental health related problems contribute majorly to poor quality of life in current times. Professionally, she believes that prevention is better than treatment. Working with teachers, educators and students gives her the opportunity to help them understand and work on building healthy minds.  School is place where change can happen and any change brought to student life will be long lasting. Through school workshops her major focus is on improving various cognitive skills like problem solving, communication and emotional regulation from a very early age. Also early recognition and intervention which could prevent long term sequelae of various mental health related issues.
As a Committee member of District Women Empowerment Programme, Amandeep works on building professional and personal resources for women in the district. And conduct regular meetings and enable a safe and supportive space to discuss their social and personal problems. Regular awareness programs are conducted related to understanding mental health.
As a person, she is resourceful and innovative, always open to new ideas. She has a strong sense of teamwork and is hardworking, creative, disciplined and perfectionist.

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