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Dr. Amandeep Gill

+91-702 446 5199, +91-783 703 8600  ​ 

Dr. Amandeep Gill has joined as a director in 2021. She is a trained MBBS, MD Psychiatry. Dr. Gill collaborated with us in our programs during Covid to address the health needs of the factory workers in Kanpur from 2020-2021. She headed our project to provide food supplementary medications to help improve the immunity and wellbeing of more than 4000 factory workers. Since then the foundation has been focused and is planning on projects to improve the health and well being of the people. She as the director is heading our Mental and Physical wellbeing project. Our plans are to open a free dispensary for first aid and also mental health related issues.  We would also like to provide training to the schools, colleges, people at large about first aid and proper support when accidents of various nature happen around them. Dr. Gill is bringing together a trained team to help achieve this objective of the foundation.

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