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Manthan in Hindi means to churn. This churning is not passive but with active participation. What does churning do? It first mixes and if we are true to the churning then it separates and clears out things. So Atmamanthan is the self-churning program to help us clear our thoughts and move forward with a certain amount of clarity.

It is relevant for us as individuals, children in school, educators and as participants in the society to take some time of every month to take stock of who we are, what are we doing and where are we going. This can be done by taking a retreat and actively churning. We have a team that can facilitate this churning and enquiry through the program we call Atmamanthan.

Out program runs for:


The Facilitators

Navneet Raman.jpeg

Navneet Raman


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Dr. Amandeep Gill


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Dr. Nishant Ohri


What Learners Say

"The workshop was conducted smoothly and masterfully and the objectives were clearly defined. This workshop was meant to be interactive with the participants and Amandeep ji positively encouraged them to be active and dynamic in the exchanges and speaking. Their interventions were all taken into account."
Taaro Ke Bacche Rehabilitation Centre and School
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